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New Delhi: A 57-year-old doctor from Telangana was stabbed to death at his clinic in Kansas on Wednesday. Achutha Reddy, a psychiatrist, was found with multiple wounds in an alley behind his clinic in East Wichita. One of his patients, a 21-year-old man, has been arrested and charged with first degree murder.

This is the second killing this year of an Indian where Srinivas Kuchibhotla, also from Telangana, was shot dead in February.


Reports quoted the US police as saying that the attacker, identified as Umar Rashid Dutt, "repeatedly stabbed the doctor after a conversation". He allegedly chased the doctor, who tried to get away.

The accused man was found at a country club after a security guard reported a suspicious person sitting in a car in the parking lot with blood on his clothes.


Besides running the Holistic Psychiatric Services, Dr Reddy was affiliated to various hospitals in the region and was known to be a yoga and fitness expert.
The father of three was from the Nalgonda district and graduated from the Osmania Medical College in 1986. Three years later, he completed his residency in psychiatry from the University of Kansas Medical School in Wichita. After practising for more than two decades, he started his clinic.

Dr Reddy's wife, Beena Reddy, is also a doctor Fellow doctors and members of the community described his death as a loss to society. The Wichita Eagle newspaper quoted Denis Knight, president of the Medical Society of Sedgwick County, as saying: "The Medical Society is heartbroken over the loss of Reddy."

In YouTube videos, Dr Reddy said he also treated chronic physical pain through a system he called "Absolute Yoga". He said he had suffered chronic back pain for 10 years, which drove him to research and develop the system which stressed on the "right mindset".

In February, Srinivas Kuchibotla was killed by a man who shouted: "Get out of my country". The police say Dr Reddy's killing does not appear to be a hate crime.










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New Delhi:  An Indian doctor was stabbed to death in Kansas state of the US. One of his patients has been arrested as a suspect in the stabbing death, according to police.

Achutha Reddy's death in Witchita on Wednesday is the second killing this year of an Indian in Kansas where Srinivas Kuchibhotla was shot dead in February. Both hailed form Telengana.

The 21-year-old man, who was arrested as a suspect in Reddy's killing, was identified as Umar Rashid Dutt in jail booking records, according to TV station KAKE.

The attack on Reddy, 57, began in his clinic and ended in a nearby lane as the fleeing doctor was chased down by the assailant, the police said.

Reddy, who introduced yoga in his treatment, was mourned by fellow doctors and the community, who held him in esteem.

Police Lieutenant Todd Ojile said on Thursday in a media briefing video posted on the Wichita Police website that the office manager of Reddy's Holistic Psychiatric Services heard a disturbance in the doctor's office on Wednesday evening around 7 p.m. and saw the assault taking place when he went in.

The manager tried to stop the attack allowing Reddy to flee, but he was chased by the assailant and killed in a second assault in an alley behind the clinic, Ojile said.

He said that Reddy had several stab wounds and was pronounced dead by the emergency medical team that responded.

The suspect was arrested near a country club a short time later, when a security guard alerted police to a man covered with blood in a car, Ojile said.

He was still in custody on Thursday morning and Ojile said the case was likely to be given to the district prosecutor's office on Friday afternoon.

Pending the filing of formal charges, police did not give out the arrested man's name, which was found by the media in jail records.

According to TV station KAKE, a Wichita State University spokesman said Dutt was a former student and was last enrolled in the spring of 2015.

The Wichita Eagle newspaper said that Reddy, who graduated from Hyderabad's Osmania Medical College in 1986, did an internship at St. Louis University in 1994 and a residency at the Kansas University School of Medicine-Wichita in 1998.

He practiced in Wichita for more than two decades and opened his own practice in 2003, the newspaper said.

In YouTube videos Reddy said that in addition to providing psychiatric care he also treated chronic physical pain and expounded a system he called "Absolute Yoga".

He said that he had suffered chronic back pain for 10 years and that led led him to conduct research and develop the system which emphasised having the "right mindset".

Fellow doctors and members of the community said his death was a loss to society.

The Wichita Eagle newspaper quoted Denis Knight, president of the Medical Society of Sedgwick County, as saying: "The Medical Society is heartbroken over the loss of Reddy."

Achutha Reddy's wife, Beena Reddy, is also a doctor and Denis said: "Our thoughts and prayers go out to her. Reddy's death is a tragic loss to our community."

The newspaper quoted Brenda Trammel, a psychotherapist at his clinic, as saying: "Reddy was an amazing, compassionate man who was kind and loving to anyone he met. He had a gift of knowing what each and everyone of us needed and gave it freely."

April Marie Schlenker from Kansas State University said in a post on TV station KAKE's site: "Reddy was so unique to any one else I have ever met in the therapy/psychiatric world. He connected almost instantly with people. His eyes held wisdom and secrets and joy."

A former patient, Maria William, wrote, "He was always a good and caring doctor for his patients. Reddy you will be greatly missed by many people. Fly high with the angels."

While some posters demanded hanging the killer or taking strong measures, a medical professional, Pedro Murati, said: "In these sad times we must remember what Achutha would have wanted after such a horror."

Projecting "anger towards the mentally ill would be the last thing on his mind", he added.

In February, Kuchibotla's killing in Olathe by a white man shouting: "Get out of my country", has been denounced as a white racist hate crime, but Reddy's does not fit that description.

Kuchibotla's killer, Adam Purinton, 51, has been charged with first-degree murder and with attempted murder in shooting and injuring Alok Madasan

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HYDERABAD:  At least six people were injured at one of Hyderabad's largest hospitals after a car belonging to a doctor ran into a group of pedestrians near the hospital's parking lot. Those injured include at least two patients - one of them is a 95-year-old man, whose leg has been crushed. Another is a woman suffering from heart ailment, who came to the hospital for treatment.

The car belongs to Dr Rehan Qureshi, a plastic surgeon who works at the hospital. But it was being driven by a security guard of the hospital, Shivraj, who did not know how to drive, sources said. The doctor had given him the car keys and asked him to park the car, the sources said. The police are investigating the matter.
The 95-year-old man, identified as Md Qamer, was severely injured and has been admitted to the hospital.

Omer Begum, 55, the heart patient hit by the car, has been hospitalised as well. ''How can a car belonging to the hospital doctor do this to patients? We come for treatment here, not to get injured or killed,'' said her daughter.




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NEW DELHI:  On the operation table for an emergency surgery as a pregnant woman lay, two doctors argued loudly, calling each other names and threatening each other. They kept fighting, the unconscious woman between them, as one staff member surreptitiously recorded them on the mobile.

The obstetrician - when one of the doctors - finally delivered the baby at a hospital in Rajasthan, it didn't survive.

The incident took place on Tuesday at the Umaid hospital in Jodhpur, the biggest in the city.

What is worse, the argument erupted between the doctors - Ashok Nainwal and ML Tak - during an emergency caesarean surgery scheduled because of the feeble heartbeat of the foetus. It appears to have started when Dr Nainwal, the obstetrician, questioned whether the patient had eaten before the operation. The anaesthetist, Dr Tak, reportedly tried to have a junior doctor carry out tests, which Dr Nainwal didn't agree with.
"You stay within your aukat (limits)," Dr Nainwal, in green scrubs and surgery gear, is seen shouting at the anaesthetist.

Into shouting and name-calling it quickly degenerated, except the setting was not the street but an operation theatre, around a patient. A nurse and another doctor are seen trying to stop them and remind them that a surgery was on.
Dr Nainwal and Dr Tak have both been suspended.


The hospital's top medical officer said the baby died of "severe birth asphyxia" or breathing troubles and ruled out any lapse.

"We recorded statements of all the staff present in the operation theatre. As far as the patient is concerned there was no lapse in treatment... The patient was operated within three hours of being admitted," said Dr Ranjana Desai.

A hospital panel will investigate the conduct of the doctors, who have both been removed, said Ami Lal Bhatt, principal of the Medical College of Jodhpur, which runs the hospital.

"This is condemnable... a violation of OT (operation theatre) discipline," Dr Bhatt commented.



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NEW DELHI:  A 26-year-old doctor was found dead with his throat slit by a surgical blade at the St Stephens hospital in north Delhi last night. The police suspect he may have been killed by a colleague.

Sashwat Pandey, a radiology intern, was found this morning in the x-ray department, in a resting room for doctors.

"His throat was slit with a surgical blade. As per the preliminary investigation, the suspect appears to be a fellow doctor and an acquaintance of the deceased," a senior police official told the Press Trust of India.


The doctor who is being suspected was not found at home, said the police.

Forensic teams and policemen are collecting evidence from the hospital.




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A 19-year-old engineering student, who was reportedly seven months pregnant, died of excessive bleeding following an illegal abortion at a private nursing home in Hyderabad. The parents say they were unaware of her pregnancy and approached the police on Monday.

The police have arrested the doctor and the man who had accompanied her to the hospital. They have booked the doctor for causing death by miscarriage. A case of cheating has been filed against the man.
According to the police, the girl was in a relationship with Madhu who had taken her to a private hospital in Vanasthalipuram in Hyderabad. The doctors gave her pills to terminate her pregnancy. However, on Sunday morning, the girl developed complications leading to uncontrolled bleeding.

After her condition deteriorated, the doctor, who had charged them Rs. 20,000 for the job, asked Madhu to take her to another hospital, where she was declared brought dead, the police said.

Abortion in India is legal only up to 20 weeks and under specific conditions.



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At a Bengaluru hospital a man strummed the guitar as surgeons, operated on his brain showed how the unusual procedure had cured the problem that was hindering his ability to play.

A 37-year-old software engineer, Abhishek Prasad, had been suffering a neurological disorder that caused his fingers to cramp in his left hand, preventing him from playing the guitar properly.

At Bengaluru's Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital doctors recommended an unusual procedure to reverse the condition known as "musician's dystonia."

And so, on July 11, Mr Prasad was strumming a guitar as surgeons drilled into his brain for some very delicate surgery. He was fully conscious throughout the procedure.

Speaking to the media after his recovery, Mr Prasad described the surreal experience of being conscious on the operating table during the seven-hour procedure as his fingers slowly became more dexterous.

"I felt no pain as they had given me local anaesthesia," Mr Prasad said. "I had the feeling that there was a generator close by."

"We wanted him to play the guitar during the surgery as he has been having problems only while playing," Dr Sharan Srinivasan, a neurosurgeon who performed the surgery, explained. "As he played, we could identify the problem and treat it."
On Thursday Mr Prasad at the hospital had remove the stitches, where he thanked doctors and played a few tunes to demonstrate how well he had recovered.

The operation cost around two lakh rupees. The hospital says this complex procedure has only ever been performed eight times before, adding it was performed for the first time in India. Luckily, it was a success...music to the ears of the patient!





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An Ola cab driver who allegedly kidnapped a Delhi doctor and held him captive for 14 days to try and extort Rs. 5 crore in ransom from the cab company has been arrested. The police said the doctor, kidnapped on July 6 on his way home to south Delhi, was rescued from the gang on Wednesday after a gunfight in Meerut, 82 km away.

Teams of Delhi Police and Uttar Pradesh's Special Task Force had earlier tracked down the four members of the gang at Haridwar and Meerut over the last few days. But they had managed to slip away. On Wednesday, the police traced them again, this time to a village in Meerut. The four kidnappers including the cab driver were arrested after a shootout that injured one of them.
A native of Telangana, Dr Shrikant Goud had booked an Ola cab on July 6 evening to return to his home in south Delhi from a private hospital in east Delhi where he works. But instead of driving him home, the driver took him to Dadri near Noida where other members of the gang joined them.

The kidnappers made the first ransom call to Ola's call centre using his phone and demanded 5 crores. Another ransom call was also made to the private hospital. As proof, they also made a video of him on the phone camera and sent the clips to the doctor's family and private cab operator.


During the next 13 days, the police said the gang did not use their mobile phones but Dr Goud's phone to avoid identification. The precaution wasn't of much help.

On Sunday, a police team was just metres away from the kidnappers travelling in a vehicle in Meerut but they were able to evade arrest. The police later tracked them to Haridwar but again lost the trail.

Last evening, the police received information that the doctor was being held at an under-construction building in Meerut. The police team surrounded the locality where the doctor was being held captive and rescued him after a brief gunfight.




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