Taapsee Pannu Is All Set To Do Some Hard Hitting In The Prequel of Baby, “Naam Shabaana”

By looking at the unexpected success of movie Baby, “Naam Shabaana” is the prequel of it. First trailer of the movie was released two days earlier on February 10th and had already crossed 1 million views, it is receiving the love and positive response from the audience.

In the trailer, it shows the life of Taapsee Pannu that how she joined STF(Special Task Force) and fought against the terrorism. It shows the traces that how a civilian turned into an agent. The plot of the movie is about to be Shabana’s revenge. Spotlighting Taapsee, it shows drama and action. In the whole trailer you will think that there are no punching lines as they were in the predecessor, just wait than suddenly in the end you will see the Akshay Kumar delivering it into your face with the same style of Baby.

All the stunts of the actress are choreographed by Hollwood stunt director “Cyril Raffaelli”. Taapsee had trained hard and her training of MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) had helped her a lot throughout the movie with her stunts.

For revealing the suspense, we have to wait till it releases. Movie will release on 31st March,2017.

To watch the trailer click on the link below :

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