Surprise Checks In The Lucknow Offices, Absentees Salaries To Be Docked: Yogi Adityanath

The new CM of UP Yogi Adityanath who have taken the charge few days back, have warned the officials in the state that they have to work 18-20 hours and stated "If you don't want to work 18-20 hours a day, make way."

He has stated for working extra hours when he was selected as the CM and also proved this point after he was elected, today two of his ministers were involved in surprise checks at their offices in Lucknow and there discovered many faults.

The situation while surprise checking was that the agriculture ministry which become so annoyed when he found out that the building were locked up and also there were empty offices and unoccupied chairs at 10 am. Sources also claimed that the officers were absent during the check

After the circumstances the minister then ordered that those who were late, their one day salary will be reduced.

Minister of State for Minority Affairs and Waqf, Mohsin Raza discovered that despite being unoccupied, air-conditioners and fans were in use in various rooms, and he slammed his department for wasting electricity.

Mr Shahi mentioned that employees should get over the "holiday hangover" being experienced in Uttar Pradesh for the last 15 years. Taking about the rule of other parties.

"The quantum of laxity in the office is very high. It is absolutely unjustified. The attendance in the office is very low. Those who have been marked absent today would face a pay cut of one day," he ordered.

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