Supreme Court’s Liquor Ban In Gurugram’s Cyber Hub

Supreme Courts ban on liquors was applied to the vendors alongside the highways but now it is applied to the Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants also. The ban liquor service and sale 500 metres from highway only, but now Supreme Court has banned the Cyber hub as well. The Supreme Court ruling came in effect from 1st April, 2017. Cyber Hub is one of the Gurugram’s hangout spot, where hundreds of people will be seen on Sundays.

The Restaurant owners and managers says that they will respect the Supreme Court ruling, many workers are scared as they dope out their jobs loosing away. Simran Owner of a restaurant in cyber hub, who have discontinued the serving of liquor told to News Agency IANS that "This obviously means misplaying and an unsatisfactory business... But we wish things would get fine and we continue to rely on the great food that we serve,"

Vikas pandey, who is working in a private company in Gurugram was at cyber hub for an outing he said, "One who has to drink would get liquor from anywhere... Government should rather make strict norms against drunken driving,"

From Saturday onwards restaurants like Hard Rock Café, Holy Smoke and 16 other cafes have discontinued the serving of alcohols. From last 2 days over 100 liquor vendors and restaurants located with 500 metres of Highways have been shut down after the Supreme Court orders. At night Excise Department visits at night to check if there is any violation.

Major restaurants located in Aerocity near IGI airport were also affected by the Supreme Court ruling. The Supreme Court have ordered that no liquor shop should be visible and directly accessible from the highways nor it should be within 500 metres of the national or state Highway or of the service lane.

In a Survey, nearly one life is lost in every four seconds in drunk driving incidents on highways every single day

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