Sunny Leone, the limelight at brother’s wedding : From Videsi to Desi Avatar

If it is about India, then we have to talk about the colours of religion here. Another example of the coloured India lies here in the marriage of Sunny Leone's brother  where Sikh and Tamil families unite to maintain the legacy of colourful country. What's next? We got to see the Bollywood actress, Sunny Leone as a desi icon with her husband Daniel Weber who also adopted the Indian,traditional wear.


sunny-2-nSunny Leone has also shared some of the pictures of the private ceremony through social media. Her brother, Sandeep who is a renowned chef has married Karishma, the fashion stylist.

Sunny is going to appear in the song 'Laila Oh Laila' in film Raees which also make people expect another adorable site of the beautiful lady. She has also made her place amongst BBC's 100 most influential women.

The beauty that has already mesmerized and flabbergasted people all around has shown herself in yet another simple but elegant look in the brother's wedding. How could an Indian attire not adorn the Punjabi kudi? The blue - golden Patiala suit of Sunny and black - golden attire of the hubby,Daniel caught many eyes and with this we have a colourful India colouring, glittering and uniting cultures in and across the country.

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