Student Jumps From 19th Floor Of Taj Hotel In Mumbai

24-year-old Arjun Bhardwaj, an engineering student, checked into a suite on the 19th floor of Mumbai's hotel Taj Lands End on Monday morning. Hours later, he broke a window and jumped. Security guards who heard a loud "thud" rushed and found his body.

Before jumping, Arjun Bhardwaj, whose family is in Bengaluru, posted a macabre , listing "steps" like - write notes to people, get drunk, enjoy the view and eat pasta. In the short video, the student, in a bathrobe, is seen smoking and drinking from a bottle of wine. "See you guys on the other side," is the last thing he says, before the video ends.
He reportedly used a chair to break the window.

The police say in one of the notes found scattered around the suite, he wrote: "I'm a drug addict...I don't want to live anymore and hence committing suicide." He had allegedly been depressed for some time and had come prepared.

Mr Bhardwaj had submitted proper documents before checking in around 3 am on Monday morning, which helped the officials identify him.
According to the police, his body could be retrieved after a one-hour struggle as he had fallen on an 11th floor terrace. Workers had to use a ventilator shaft to get to him.

The body has been sent for a post-mortem.

Mr Bhadwaj's father, a businessman, had reportedly been worried about his son, according to the police.

The Mumbai police tweeted: "Deeply bereaved with suicide of a young boy in the city.

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