Special Segment: This Speech Will Blow Your Mind, Watch Video

Europe: Brilliant speech by Enis Sipahi, he belongs to Kosovo which is a small country in Europe. This speech is given from Montverde Academy, Orlando, Florida. This has now become “Speech of the year 2017.”

This speech is just amazing and indicating what’s the need of hour. Many dimensions of real world are indicated which actually needs attention.


Few Lines Which Will Blow Your Mind Are:


  • The meaning of the success has changed
  • A person needs to become not successful but people with values
  • The world we are living in is not a good place.
  • This world needs to change and we are one who are going to change it.
  • If you are smart you will get rich this is foolish, if you are rich it doesn’t mean you are smart it only means that your time is so worthless that you spend it running after some paper called money.
  • We need 5 more centuries to understand that money is only illusion.
  • Can you imagine what would can happen if we can understand this thing, if we could devote ourself to values which are eternal instead of fooling ourself with worthless and temporary stuff.
  • The first advice we were given is to read Books, we have to read a lot. It’s a great period to see dusty books in a library.


The Speech is published on You tube 10 days ago and have already gained more than 47 K views.

We need more of such people in this world who can understand humanity and not only know the meaning of such word but also express it. Today’s youth, which is expressing no values which a human need to express. This world is into so much suffering and if only a person can work for any one person’s suffering, what a world it can be to live in. We youth have the power to tackle this situation.  Instead of trolling and scrolling down the Facebook, a person has many things to look on.

The Speech is a good motivation and is fuel to youth to be more then what they think.


Have a look to this brilliant speech:




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