Smriti Irani Campaign In Delhi As Amit Shah Last Minute Health Issue: MCD Election 2017

BJP party is taking care of Sunday’s vote in Delhi with political attention. Some of the seniors like Smriti Irani and Uma Bharti will be campaigning in different parts of the capital. Arvind Singh Lovely former Minister of Congress party have been formulated in BJP party before Sunday’s election for 3 Municipal Corporation.

For Arvind Kejriwal Chief Minister the result will be used as spot check, Arvind Kejriwal’s party Aam Aadami Party had won the last election in the year 2015, so they lost three seats, all to the BJP party. Weeks ago the By-Election saw the party to the third position, BJP party won the seat.

In Dwarka today, thousands of workers and local voters of BJP party gathered and a patriotic song beat through the air as a major intersection for an appearance of President Amit Shah. But due to the last minute health reason Amit Shah cancelled and now Amit Shah is been replaced by Union Minister Smriti Irani.

“AAP party and Congress party will be clean off in this election, as Smriti Irani said, You show faith in (PM) Modi and he will take care of your... roads, houses and schools.”

In UP last month BJP party off the charts victory, it is also a favourite attribute. Not only by leaders speech but by party supporter like Ravikant Chaturvedi who is just 34 years old and have ensured of 200 people will be joining him at Smriti Irani’s rally.

Ravikant Chaturvedi stated, "See, the Narendra Modi illusion was always there...Now, after Yogi's appointment, there is just no stopping us, no power can stop us from winning this election."

The three Municipal Corporations is been controlled by BJP party, which will be elected on Sunday for 10 years.

Yasin Khan who is another volunteer at the Smriti Irani rally, is been with the party from last 15 years. BJP’s party opponents which includes the Muslim leader have attacked the party for pushing for tougher charge on ban of beef, the attack by cow vigilantes in Rajasthan which led to death of a farmer transporting cattle in truck at Rajasthan. ‘What has impressed him is the decision by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to waive loans for farmers in Uttar Pradesh - a write-off that amounts to about $5.6 billion.’ Said by the party volunteer Yasin Khan

In the speech of Arvind Kejriwal along with Manish Sisodia Deputy Chief Minister, asked the voters to allow them to govern the local Corporation, if they won’t then they will not be able to improve the basic services like that of Garbage Collection.

The campaigning is been done by Congress as well with their senior member of the party P Chidambaram and Jairam Ramesh by holding the talks with Delhi Residents.

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