Shiv Sena MP Will Not Attend A Meeting Unless The Ban is Ended

Shiv Sena MP Gaikwad was banned by airlines after abusing and assaulting an Air India manager few days back,  He was some how managed to make his flight next time when he intended to fly to pune but after that many Airlines rejected his tickets after the incident happened and he have to make his way from train to make his journey.

Shiv Sena leader rushes towards Civil Aviation Minister in Lok Sabha and demanded to rest the ban and make his flights available or else he won't attend NDA meet next week.

He is likely to be able to fly by this evening stated sources that 'airlines will be told to honour bookings by Mr Gaikwad; four tickets that he booked recently were cancelled by different carriers, impelling road and train journeys between Delhi and his constituency in Maharashtra'.

Civil Aviation Ministry cleared it will manage the flight ban but will not interfere with two criminal cases filed by Air India against the politician, said sources.

Mr Gaikwad also mentioned in parliament that "I will apologise to parliament but not to him," by stating that he had been provoked on March 23 by the Air India manager, when he landed in Delhi and demanded an explanation for why he was not provided with business class.

Shiv Sena MPs cheered him through his speech and there lok sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan discussed with all Shiv Sena MPs, the Civil Aviation Minister and Home Minister Rajnath Singh to seek a outcome. She later told reporters that MPs cannot always travel by road or train to attend parliament, and suggested a solution was being worked out.

It is being demanded that the ban should be removed as soon as possible or else Shiv Sena will boycott meetings.

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