Shah Rukh Khan’s Ted Talk is Online Now, Full With Simplicity Yet Wittiness

Shah Rukh Khan is a certifiable star of Bollywood, who had done over 80 films and hundreds and millions of fans to his name. In April, he gave a talk in Vancouver at 2017 Ted conference that touched on everything on his stardom as “King of Romance” to the way that how world is changed since internet came in light.


It was a draping conversation. Apart from other speakers who uses to be tightly focused on topics, Shah Rukh turned out to be the funniest person on stage of Ted 2017 as far. From breaking silence on freaking rumours that Abram was Aryan’s child to sharing the heart-breaking story about his parents death, Shah Rukh took everyone on emotional ride of laughter and getting emotional on experiences of his life. The talk was definitely a huge hit when it went online on 11th May. It was not only applauded by the audience present in the Vancouver Convention Center but his 24 million twitterites started a trending hashtag on the site i.e. #SRKLiveAtTEDTalks.


But there was an unexpressed motive for getting Shah Rukh on TED platform. In 2017 he will host a Television version of TED Talks in India, which is called Nayi Soch (New Thinking).


Let’s have quick look on few of SRK’s words which he said at Talk and obviously now those words are quotes.

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