Sebastian Vettel Margins A Ferrari 1-2 In Second Practice At The Russian Grand Prix

Germany born racer Sebastian Vettel led a Ferrari one-two in second practice at the Russian Grand Prix as title rivals Mercedes appeared to conflict for pace.

The four-time champion was 0.263 seconds clear of partner Kimi Raikkonen while Mercedes' Valtteri Bottas was 0.670secs off the pace.

The United Kingdom racer Lewis Hamilton, seven points behind Sebastian Vettel in the championship, was fourth hasty, 0.039secs off his partner.

The Mercedes driver [Hamilton] had a painful day and also struggled on his race-simulation run.

But Valtteri Bottas' form was more promising on the long runs, matching Vettel's pace as they practised for the first duty of the race in the final part of the session.

The 29-years-old racer [Vettel] played down the drift of Ferrari's performance, saying: "On paper this looks like a Mercedes track and I am sure they did not show everything today.

"They did not get their lap together. The gap you see is artificial ... it is a circuit that suits them. They will be strong tomorrow."

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