Scarlett Johnsson Has Assuring Advice For Black Widow Fans

The American actress Scarlett Johnsson thinks her Avengers appearance, black widow is right for a stand - alone movie.

The Iron Man actress stars as Natasha Roman off, also popular as Black Widow in the Marvel accurate universe and has "talked" with Marvel chief Kevin Feige about the achievebility of giving the character her own film.

"I've talked to Kevin Feige about it. We're creativity really compatible. I think we both agree that the character is right for a stand - alone, it's just a cause of timing at this point for both Marvel and Myself," Johnsson told Film magazine.

" Marvel has a really huge roster. They' re looking four years ahead. I also have a lot of things that I want to do. If I did it l, I would dedicate myself completely to making it amazing. It would have to be the best version that movie could possibly be. Otherwise, I would never do it," she said.

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