Who Will Be The Next Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Now?

Who Will Be The Next Tamil Nadu Chief Minister?

AIADMK General Secretary VK Sasikala was found guilty of corruption by SC and has been sentenced to prison for four years.According to sources, Ms Sasikala is unlikely to be jailed today.

After having received the news of verdict, Ms Sasikala met quickly with the others who are helping her to implement decisions to ensure her hold on the party is not loosened. E Palanisamy, a Sasikala loyalist has been chosen as new leader of the gathering.Mr Palanisamy was dispatched by her to meet the Governor for asking an urgent opportunity to prove his majority.

According to sources, Ms VK Sasikala is guilty of conspiring with J Jayalalithaa in the early 90s to acquire an unsanctioned fortune worth about 60 crores. The two women were jailed together in Bengaluru in 2014 for a few months.

Ms Sasikala sent around 128 of the party’s 134 legislators to the resort last Tuesday to prevent their plunder by the rival camp.

Mr Panneerselvam has alleged that the legislators are being detained. Ms Sasikala held a press conference with the legislators flanking her on Sunday to prove his allegations wrong.

In a report, the police said to the Madras High Court that there are 119 legislators at the resort and none amongst them say they being held there by force.

The Governor has been asked to “make a decision quickly” by Ms Sasikala claiming that Tamil Nadu's "interest is at stake", according to sources.

On 13th February,a petition was filed in the Supreme Court asking the Governor to invite Ms Sasikala to form the government within the next 24 hours. Another petition will be heard by the Supreme Court February 17 according to which Ms Sasikala must not be sworn in before its verdict in a corruption case against her.

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