Saifeena’s son, Taimur conquering Twitter: Controversy behind his name

The most precious moment in the life of a couple is having their first baby. Recently, one of the most stylish couple of Bollywood announced that they have been blessed with a baby boy. Mrs. Kareena Kapoor Khan’s pregnancy caught many eye balls since she was found flaunting her baby bump throughout. Of course their baby has become popular now that he is born.

The popularity is not only because he is born in celeb’s house but also because the name that he is prized with. The son has been named Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi. Though it seems unique but the name has its history which makes it controversial.  Taimur was a brutal Mongol invader who conquered many parts of Persia and central Asia. He was called “sword of Islam” and the ground of his invasion was religion. He slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Indians.

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan’s announcement of their baby’s name has raised many eyebrows. People are questioning the intentions behind naming the boy so. Is it another Taimur that has come up to rule Bollywood of India?

Questions are never ending but the couple’s defenders have justifications for the same. They say that Taimur means “like iron” in Turkic languages. Taimur has come up already as a star on twitter much like other celebrity kids. Mr. Rishi Kapoor reacted to this saying,"You mind your own bloody business".He cited examples of Alexander and Sikandar who "were no saints" and are still very "common names in the world". His usage of abusive words clearly indicate his anger towards people who are busy interfering in the personal realm of celebrities.

In a country like India, religion has been one of the most dominant factors to identify people. We are talking about Taimur, the mughal and then we are comparing him to Taimur of 21st century. Where do we stand when it comes to progress? Should the progress be understood only in terms of trade, economy and politics? Caste, Class, Gender and Religion has been dividing India and probably will always do.

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