Sacked AAP Minister said, ‘Saw AAP Leader Give 2 Crores To Arvind Kejriwal’: 10 Points

In a tell all media conference, Kapil Mishra Delhi’s sacked water minister made a shocking revelation, claiming that Satyendra Jain Health Minister is been seen handing Rs. 2 crore in cash to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Kapil Mishra also said that, "Where did the money come from? They must say what was done with the money?" The minister had earlier tweeted that he has "witnessed him taking illegal cash". With other leaders Arvind Kejriwal went into a huddle along with Manish Sisodia, minute before Kapil Mishra’s tell all press conference. Kumar Vishwas is also attending the meeting whom Kapil Mishra consider to be close to.

10 developments in the stories are:

1) Kapil Mishra who is 36 years old, has said that he had met Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal in the morning and revealed all to him. The latest in a string of upheavals to hit the Aam Aadmi Party – Mr. Kapil Mishra’s removal, came last evening minutes after a series of tweets from him promised a "massive expose on tanker scam".

2) "I have witnessed him taking illegal cash... have shared all details with Lt. Gov. It is impossible to keep silent. Loss of power is nothing, ready to lose my life also". But he also said he was not quitting AAP. "AAP is my party,” his tweet after the meeting.

3) Kumar Vishwas;s close to Kapil Mishra, who headlined Aam Aadmi Party’s internal crisis that in the open last week spilled out. After Kapil Mishra’s removal, last evening targeting Arvind Kejriwal, ‘major conspiracy’ he alleged.

4) Kapil Mishra said, "I will reveal big names, and may be because of those names, such a decision has been made."

5)  Later, a Hind tweet by Kapil Mishra which says, "Arvind Kejriwal is directly calling up many AAP leaders and legislators... huge conspiracy ahead of my press conference... won't stop, won't bend".

6) AAP is been hit out by BJP, with Shahnawaz Hussain the spokesperson saying that, AAP has "left the ideology on which it was formed". "AAP has lost the right to stay in power."

7) Omar Abdullah the National Conference Chief tweeted, "If he witnessed illegal cash changing hands & kept quiet so long as he was retained in the cabinet as minister then he is also complicit."

8) Last year an inquiry into the tanker scam which is set up by AAP, putting the size of the scam of Rs. 400 crore and accused Sheila Dikshit Former Chief Minister of creating artificial water scarcity to benefit the ‘tanker mafia’.

9) Announcement of removal of Kapil Mishra on Saturday, The Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said, the minister had worked hard but "water management was not up to the mark. There were complaints about water not reaching people".  Into the cabinet the party has inducted two new faces- seemapuri MLA Rajendra Pal Gautam and Kailash Gahlot Najafgarh Legislator who will be replacing Kapil Mishra as the water Minister.

10) Kapil Mishra was one of the few AAP leader like Kumar Vishwas. Kapil Mishra who had contradicted the party's stand blaming Electronic Voting Machines for its humiliating defeat in the Delhi municipal elections after the drubbing in Goa and Punjab. Kapil Mishra said, "Yes, we have to reconnect with the people and understand reasons for this defeat."

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