Movie Review : Riya And Madhav’s Love Story In Half Girlfriend

Half Girlfriend is a romantic drama movie which starrer Arjun Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor in lead along with Vikrant Massey, Rhea Chakraborty, Seema Biswas and Felix Shindraj. The movie is based on the novel written by Chetan Bhagat and the movie Half Girlfriend is directed by Mohit Suri.



In the movie Half Girlfriend the boy from Bihar named Madhav Jha played by Arjun Kapoor who falls in love with his college mate Riya Somani played by Shraddha Kapoor, an affluent English-speaking girl from Delhi. Madhav is obsessed with Riya and Riya want to go far and not further.




The reason he falls for Riya aka Shraddha Kapoor is because she was playing Basketball and she has fluency in English (Yes, we Indians are obsessed with spoken English skills) whereas Madhav aka Arjun Kapoor was from Bihar so his English is not as good as Riya.




Riya becomes friends with Madhav and the two bond over basketball, which is a common favourite with both of them. Gradually they start hanging out together, which Madhav thinks is a date. He falls for Riya but at the same time is well aware of the fact that he will not be able to fit in her ‘English medium world’.




And oh yes, Riya is got to be a wonderful person, because whenever she encounters rains, she walks into it willingly in a strange zombie fashion. One is still trying to figure out how the beauty of a Bollywood heroine's character is measured by the amount of willingness she displays in getting drenched.




In movie Half Girlfriend Riya do show the love interest in Madhav but Riya clearly says that she cannot become his girlfriend but consoles him saying she is willing to become his half girlfriend, which Madhav’s friends understand as her tactics to use him for hanging out in cafes, cinema halls and playing basketball only. Their repeated warnings fall into deaf ears as Madhav by that time is head over heels in love with Riya.





When Madhav tries to get physical, Riya storms out of the room, stops talking to him and even drops out of the college! In no time she ties the knot with Rohan, a filthy rich NRI guy and her childhood friend. But destiny had some other plans as Madhav, stumbles upon a divorced Riya a few years later and his hope rekindles. Is Riya interested in coming back to Madhav’s life? Will the two reunite?





Do watch the movie at your nearest Pvr. Half Girlfriend released today!

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