Rishi Kapoor Offended By Cartoon Featuring R K Studio Fire. ‘Sick Humour,’

New Delhi: Rishi Kapoor was visibly offended by a cartoon which recently featured in a newspaper publication and zeroed in the recent fire incident at R K Studio in Mumbai as its subject. Located in the suburbs of Chembur, the iconic studio was founded by Rishi Kapoor's father legendary actor Raj Kapoor in 1948. The cartoon, which takes only a tiny portion of a comic strip, appears to feature Raj Kapoor and makes a direct reference to Aag, the first movie that came out of R K Studio - something which did not go down too well with Rishi Kapoor. The 65-year-old actor is known for the outspoken persona he is and objected to the cartoon in strongly worded words: "This is bad. We take objection to this kind of depraved sick humour," he tweeted on Monday evening.

Aag was also directed by Raj Kapoor, who famously co-starred in the film with Nargis.


Read Rishi Kapoor's tweet here:


Last Saturday, a fire spread out reportedly from the electrical wing of the studio and engulfed the ground floor, which was actually the sets of dance reality show Super Dancer Season 2. In separate tweets, Rishi Kapoor mourned the loss of "irreplaceable memorabilia, writing: "Sad. A major fire broke out at RK Studios. We have lost the iconic Stage 1. Thankfully no casualties nor injuries. All your concerns appreciated" and "A Studio can be built again but the loss of the irreplaceable memorabilia and costumes of all R K Films, is tragic for all. Fire took it away."





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