Revolutionaries of Indian History Who Sacrificed Their Lives with the Dream of “Poorn Swaraj”

Revolutionaries- term in itself signifies person who started a revolution something powerful, patriotic feeling, someone who stood against the odds. Not only the Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru and Sukhdev were alone in the fight for freedom, it was a group of revolutionaries, group of young boys who left their homes and families just to bring freedom for their mother land, who stood up against the British Invasion and policies. So, why on this Shaheed Divas we remember only few of them? Is it correct to remember only few or is it that dream of the country for which they sacrificed their lives.

The Dream

They fought together without judging each other on the basis of castes and racism. They all stood together by holding hands of each other to set free our mother land, just to design a nation and set an example for the world that it doesn’t matter here in “Bharat” who you are, where you are from, whether you are rich or poor or what is your caste. All are welcomed here with the open hands.

Their dream was to prove Britishers wrong about their mentality of “Divide and Rule” by coming together for the “Azaadi” of our nation, by holding hands of each other and take nation out from the era of darkness towards the light where no there will be no discrimination on the basis of religion, status and states. No one will divide anyone on the name of politics, power will be in the hand of common man, no one will die from starvation, a farmer will live happily and people will respect them as they are the one who provides us food. People are getting reservation quotas not on the basis of talent and educational qualifications but on the basis of religion, caste and by saying that they belong from minority group. Seriously! Is it that dream?

What We Are Doing?

Do you think that we are anywhere close of the nation which they dreamt of? Where in the contrast poor are getting poor day by day, farmers are doing suicide, people are shouting anti-national slogans, without any proper knowledge and evidences media trials are going on. Political parties are using people for their own benefits, they are discriminating people again on the basis of religion for their vote banks.

The future of this country is in the hands of youth now. Stand up against the odds you see in the society. Try to make a change by yourself, if you will be right people will follow.

Don’t let anyone divide you again and remember the sacrifice of heroes of our history.

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