Here Is The Review Of The Cutest Movie: Meri Pyari Bindu

Today, Meri Pyari Bindu which starrer Parineeti Chopra and Ayushmann Khurrana hit the theatres. As we all were amazed with the 5 chapters which show cased as a trailer of the Meri Pyari Bindu, it was a newly in concept, which created the impression of ‘what is going to be the next.’ Meri Pyari Bindu is a romantic yet comedy and drama movie, which was cleared in the 5 chapters of Meri Pyari Bindu.

Meri Pyari Bindu starts with Abhimanyu/ Bubla aka Ayumann Khurrana who is a boo writer and trying to get his new book ready. Abhimanyu is an unhappy man even when he fully successful in the genre. Abhimanyu has share of fans and obvious course of haters. But Abhimanyu parents in Meri Pyari Bundi tricks him by making a fake divorce. An angry Bubla gets a Bengali style welcome when he returns back only to unearth some of his deepest feelings that he had buried years ago. And the reason for his present day situation and angst is Bindu aka Parineeti Chopra. A friend who he fell head over heels in love with. While watching the 5 chapters of Meri Pyari Bindu we go a see that Abhimanyu’s true feeling for Bindu and then latter lack of interest in Bubla.

The first half of Meri Pyari Bindu will take the audience back to the Abhimanyu and Bindu’s life. Abhimanyu and Bindu have very little in common and even in their journey. Bindu aka Parineeti Chopra is a free spirited girl who lives life like on her own terms, Bubla/ Abhimanyu is Bindu’s puppet who is madly and deeply in love with Bindu. Abhimanyu and Bindu are totally different from each other if one is north then the other is south, but still they both share a different bond which is irreplaceable in each other’s life.

Abhimanyu has become a celebrated adult film writer, who is as popular as Chetan Bhagat. He’s trying hard to break from the adult genre and give a pure romantic novel for almost over two years. He ultimately finds the idea of this book in his own love story with Bindu. The movie moves forth and back into the past and present as Abhimanyu talks about his story with Bindu.

In Meri Pyari Bindu the Abhimanyu and Bindu comes together and drift apart this things go on and on but what happens actually for that you must go and watch a movie Meri Pyari Bindu.

The retro music and Sachin-Jigar’s music is soothing and goes well with the film’s romantic theme. While it is the 70s and 80s music that you enjoy the most, tracks like Afeemi and Maana Ke Hum Yaar weave magic too. The film’s cinematography by Tushar Ray is good. Characters like Abhimanyu’s parents and relatives do a good job in the limited framework they have.

As Meri Pyari Bindu is a debut movie for Ayushmann Khurrana and Parineeti Chopra as it is the first paired movie of the two, and they look adorable with each other.

It is a kinda watch movie, as Meri Pyari Bindu is bland and lacks the masala that is attached with most Bollywood commercial movies of this genre.

Meri Pyari Bindu is on theatres today, go and watch at your nearest theatres.


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