Researchers Discover White Dwarf Star

Researchers, using NASA's Hubble space telescope, have invented a white dwarf star about 200 light - years from the earth. Whose pressure is bloated in the building loafs for life - Carbon , Nitrogen , Oxygen and Hydrogen, the elements of water.

Scientists from the university of California ( US ) told that a small planet in the earthly system was circiling around the white dwarf and its direction us some how changed, Possibly by the gravitational pull of a planet in the same system.

That alteration evoked the minor planet to expedition very close to the WD where the star's powerfull meadow gravitational  teared the small planet apart into gas and dust. The particular reminants went into orbit around the white dwarf - much like the rings around Saturn Planet told Benjamin Zuckerman from UCLA - After all bending onto the star itself, transferring with them the building blocks for life.

Zuckerman told the study instant proof that the plantery system affiliated with the white dwarf include materials that are the basic building blocks for life. Despite the study concentrate on this specific star - known as WD 14257 + 540 - the fact that its planetary system shares affection with over solar system powerfully that suggests that other planetary systems would also.

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