Relief For Uttarakhand Tigers

The Tigers of Corbett National parkwill soon find a new home in Uttarakhand.

The NTCA (The National Tiger Conservation Authority) has asked the state forest department to speed up the ground work for relocation of four big cats from the highly congested Corbett landscape to Rajaji National Park, which has 15 felines.

Once the step is taken, most apparently by the end of the year, it will be first relocation of big cats in India to a habitat that already has Tigers.

Administrator of the Uttarakhand forest department said work for relocation has been acclerated.

The officers will start scat analysis of two big cats couples in association with the WII (Wildlife Institute Of India) to confirm genetic diversity.

Rajaji, the 48th big cats reserve of the country, has approximately 15 tigers - two in the western part (570 sqkm) and the remaining 13 in the eastern part (150 sqkm).

"We are preparing an action plan for submission to NTCA for written approval. We received in-principle approval last year. Soon, scat analysis of identified tigers in Corbett landscape, which includes Ramnagar, Haldwani, Lansdowne, Terai East, West and Central divisions, will start with the help of WII." Digvijay Singh Khati, chief wildlife, said.

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