The Reality Of “Punjab” Tried To Show By Gurdas Maan In the Song “Punjab”

Gurdas Maan the sensation of Punabi music is returned with a new song “Punjab”. In the song he portrayed a child as “Bhagat Singh” and himself having a conversation with him.

Song starts with a conversation between Gurdas Maan and the child who played the role of Bhagat Singh and shows him the current situation of Punjab and asking him not to change the path of his own after seeing the condition of the current world.

He showed that we had forgotten the art of love, getting lost in the arrogance and getting addicted by Chitta(Drugs) and alcohols. He said that the colorful Punjab had lost its colors and day by the day talent is getting lost in the darkness. He tried to show each and every sector of the state in it.

He showed that the legend Bhagat Singh had done his part proudly for the independence of the nation but do we have really done anything upto the expectations of him or anything nearby his dream which he had of Independent India.

The song will surely give you goosebumps. It had already crossed 5 million views and still counting and presently on the trending list of Youtube, it is at #1 position.

It is also leaving a message for the people of state to choose and take wise decisions as it is released at the time of elections.

To watch the song 'Gurdas Maan: Punjab' click on the link provided below:

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