RBI to Introduce New 10 Rupees Notes Soon

After 11 November incidence,  when PM Narendra modi have took a reforming action known to be demonetization  of the currency notes of 500 and 1000 , the step primarily taken to minimize the black money in the country. Nothing can be predicted about the new changes in currency chapter.

And now RBI has announced about the introduction to new 10 rupees notes with more security features, though it is being mentioned that the old 10 rupees notes will still be in circulation.

The new 10 rupees notes will have many new features like  numerals on both the panels in ascending size from left to right. The first three alpha-numeric characters (prefix) will remain constant in size and it will bear the signature of New Governor Urjit Patel.

Various new measures have been taken to erase black money from country. PM Narendra Modi is on his work to make it every possible way. However, this action is criticized by many opponent  parties.

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