Quick Look: An Overview About Kulbhushan Jadhav’s Case

New Delhi:Today, Sushma Swaraj placed the case in Lok sabha as well as Raj Sabha. There the main concern was to discuss Pak treatment’s to Jadhav’s family when they met Kulbhushan in Islamabad. There was violation after violation of human rights, Pakistan should be condemned in the strongest words for this behaviour," said the minister.

The highlights of the story are:

Kulbhushan Jadhav was forced to see his mother and wife in the form of "widows", without their mangalsutra, bindi and bangles, when they met in Islamabad, Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj said. "The first question that Kulbhushan Jadhav asked his mother during their meeting in Pakistan was - is Baba (father) ok? Because looking at his mother like this, he thought something had happened In his absense."

This video Depicts how Sushma Swaraj placed her statement about the question of Jadhav to her mother:


The way they treated the jadhav’s family was violation. The Humanity was violated and this emotional reunion after 22 months is used as an propaganda tool.

The Pakistani media Humiliated them by asking "How you are feeling after meeting your Qatil son."


“The wife was asked to take off her shoes and they didn’t returned the shoes even after asking so many times, and now they are claiming through Pak media that the shoes have things like Recorder, Chip , Camera. I am doubting that Pak will use this to play some other games against Kulbhushan Jadav’s case” said Sushma swaraj.  All these Claims are “Absurdity beyond measures” were the words of the Minister.


Interacting with his family for the first time since his arrest last year by Pakistan, Mr Jadhav spoke across a glass screen through intercom. The family was not allowed to use their native Marathi language and according to relatives and friends, Mr Jadhav appeared to be speaking from a script.

What was the whole case watch here:



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