Opinion : Questioning India’s Ethics A Big Irony

Uneducated and poor people are the spoilers of our country this is the basic thing which each and every Indian knows at one point or the other as it is known by the Indian society they don't know how to behave but is this the overall truth.

Do India need a good education system or something else?


We are familiar to the Tejas project and what it turns out to be.
We always blame our government for not providing the good education system, finding loop holes in policies and due to this many people want to study and live abroad because India do not have a good infrastructure and facilities. Knowing to the fact that even if our government agree to bring a change, our society resist and due to the unwanted situation created by the people many such proposals are limited to files only.

Our government and policymakers have provided India with such a facility like Tejas train project, it is the train which runs at the speed of 130 Kmph between Mumbai to Goa. It is a luxurious train providing infotainment. From Wifi to star Chefs-chosen menu everything is provided to groom the pace of Indian railways. It also contains 9-inch LCD screens with USB charger and energy efficient LED lights but in just four round trips around 337 earphones were stolen and 990 damaged LCD screen, many buttons dismantled and waste strewn everywhere in the train. Such is the condition of the luxurious train but that's not something to be amazed in India.

The biggest irony turns out to be the price of the tickets of this train is 1000 above and cannot be easily affordable to the poor people so majorly the people traveling were educated and belongs to a good background who chooses and wants to live in a country whose amenities should be at least like United States and other developing countries and at the end due to their only behavior, blames India that it lacks infrastructure.

Ofcourse there are many inefficiency prevailing in India but atleast what served to you should be handled right and more importantly its not poor people only who lack ethics which is the standard that governors the conduct of a person, it's also in high class who still don't value public property.

Everything that served to you is for your benefit and that benefit should be distributed to all, stop doing such actions that majorly turns out to be economic loss and indirectly yours too.

3 thoughts on “Opinion : Questioning India’s Ethics A Big Irony

  1. Shivangi

    To be honest...its something I really feel...you framed it so nicely...I mean everything is so perfectly written...keep it up 🙂

  2. Shivangi

    To be honest...its something I really feel....you framed it so nicely...I mean everything is so perfectly written...keep it up 🙂


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