Pune Snake Gunned Down

A edge-off by a Pune-based wildlife liberator, that a python was shot at near Aamby Valley City in Mulsi, led a team of the forest administration to uncover a bizarre incident. To their arrant shock, they found that the security guards and employees of the township even chopped the snake into pieces using an axe and later buried it near the volleyball ground. Reason: The python was huge and hence difficult to catch. The security guards had even made a video clip of the entire incide.

Wildlife librator of Maval organisation Nilesh Garde came beyond the video after a source informed him about it, succeeding which he approached the forest department. On Saturday, a team of administrators rushed to the spot and dug out the disintegated body of the snake. A case has been registered against the employees namely Kabir Subedar, in-charge security guard, Dnyaneshwar Todmal, KP Ramchandra, Chandan Ramcherry and Shandar Jadhav under compitable sections of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

Speaking to mid-day, Garde said, "After we received information about a python found in Aamby Valley City, we approached the workers of the township and enquired about it. We did not get proper response from them. Most likely the incident took place on March 28. After the python was spotted near a bungalow, the fire station officer was called. A fire fighter who was present at the time of the incident claimed that as the snake was huge, it was difficult to catch it. Hence, the staffers fired two rounds at it. Later, it was chopped and buried near the volleyball ground."

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