Prime Minister’s Hindutva Politics Seems To Have Swing Varanasi

When Prime Minister Narendra settled to contest the Lok Sabha election from Varanasi in 2014, local of the pilgrimage site in Uttar Pradesh greeted him as one of their own. There was all - round buzz that PM had chosen this ancient city on the banks of the Ganga as his constituency.

Prime Minister, then the chief minister of Gujarat, was accost as a strong, decisive leader as well as an able administrator. Remark in the streets of Varanasi invariably dwelt on how PM Gujarat model of development had changed the face of his home state.

"It is a myth that the people of Varanasi voted for Modi because of his administrative abilities or his decisive leadership," said Kaushal Mishra, head of administration of Political Science. "They voted for him because he does not wear a skull cap and does not organise Iftar parties. Instead he wears a rudraksha, fasts on Navratri, invokes the names of Ram and Shiva - all this appeals to Hindu sentiment."

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