For President-Elect Ram Nath Kovind With ‘Yes’ To Invite Nitish Kumar Tops Up Vote

As the 14th President of India Ram Nath Kovind takes his oath, when the VVIP attendees will include Nitish Kumar the Bihar Chief Minister. On Thursday when the Chief Minister called the President-elect to congratulate him as per the sources, on July 25th he was invited to the ceremony and he will be there is confirmed.

The relationship between Nitish Kumar the count-me-in will inject new tension to and his allies, the Congress Party and Lalu Yadav the leader of Bihar.

Their advice was ignored by the Chief Minister and strode away from a front of 18 opposition parties he helped assemble last month ro announce that he will support Ram Nath Kovind, the Government’s candidate he was. The task has been by the Congress he said while shortlisting the opposition's candidate, and, in any case, he approved of Ram Nath Kovind's credentials. The 71-year-old who is a Dalit from Uttar Pradesh worked for three years with him as Bihar Governor and displayed the impeccable neutrality required of his office, Nitish Kumar argued.
But his endorsement of the BJP's choice was seen as reflective of a growing chumminess with the party and with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose shock notes ban in November opposition from barring the Bihar Chief Ministerand all major non-BJP leaders, provoked ferocious who declared it essential in fighting corruption and black money. 

Nitish Kumar's equation with Lalu Yadav in particular had plummeted over the last few weeks with the latter's son, Tejashwi Yadav, being accused of corruption by the CBI. Hinted it was incumbent upon Tejashwi Yadav, 28, to resign as his deputy by the Chief Minister. The Yadavs vetoed that suggestion. The Congress appears this week to have mediated a fragile peace with Tejashwi Yadav meeting the Chief Minister two nights ago with a detailed defense against the CBI charges. 

On the meeting Nitish Kumar and his party have not offered any comment, reinforcing the assessment that they remain uneasy with the Yadavs as partners and that any accord is unlikely to remain binding for very long. 

Nitish Kumar's stepping out of the opposition line-up comes as several law-makers broke with their parties to back Ram Nath Kovind, who defeated the opposition candidate Meira Kumar, with nearly 65 per cent of the vote.




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