Police: Main Accused Found Job In Maharashtra: After Killing Junaid Khan

The 30-year-old man, alleged to have stabbed 16-year-old Junaid Khanon in a train in Haryana a fortnight back, had hoped to put the murder behind him and found himself a job in a factory in Maharashtra's Dhule. He initially went to his relatives in Mathura and Vrindavan, and later got in touch with a relative in Maharashtra, who helped get him a job in a factory about three-four days.

He was working as a security guard in Delhi, Kamaldeep Goyal of Haryana's government railway police told reporters.

The accused was arrested by the police from Maharashtra yesterday and will be produced before a Faridabad court on Sunday.

Junaid Khan and his brothers - Haseem and Shakir and cousin Moeen - were returning to their village on Haryana on June 22 after a day-trip to Delhi to shop for Eid when a murderous mob turned on them.
Said by Haseeb that, his skull cap was pulled off his head and his beard was tugged while the crowd shouted abuses at the Muslim men in addition to yelling they were "anti-nationals" and "beef-eaters".

Mr Goyal said the main accused was initially not involved in the tiff. But at some point, he intervened, pulled out the knife that he was carrying and stabbed Junaid and brothers. "He has confessed to the stabbings," the senior police officer said.


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