Birthday Special : Poet Of This Decade Who Touched The Heart Of Youngsters: Kumar Vishwas

A video of Moksha Sammelan 2004  went viral so much so that each and every youngster was listening to the recorded concert of Dr. Kumar Vishwas when for the first time he recited his poem “Koi Deewaana Kehta Hai”. As he is a poet of Hindi literature, each and every poem of his have 'Shringar-Ras' which in English we say is romantic genre. The lines were so catchy and interesting that each person who had this in his or her phone were listening it again and again.

Vishwas was born in Pikhuawa, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh in Gaur Brahmin family in the year 1970, 10th February. His father was a lecturer in a college of Meerut and wanted him to become an engineer. But was not interested in it so he took the decision to make his career in the field of poetry.He is brilliant Hindi poet who knows how to play with his words and touch the feelings of the audience.

Some of the famous lines from his poems are

Kumar 1Kumar 2Kumar 3Kumar 4Kumar 5Kumar 6Kumar 7Kumar 8Kumar 9Kumar 10

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