PM Modi Says ‘Every Indian Is A VIP,’ Ban On Beacon From 1st May

From 1st May onwards the Lal Batti or Red Beacons for every official cars which includes The President, Prime Minister and Chief Justice of India. Finance Minister Arun Jaitely announced today that ‘There will be no exceptions’ as he announced after the Cabinet meeting that only emergency vehicle like Ambulance, Police Vans and Fire Engines will have beacon or Lal Batti.

For the VIPs the blue light is used for the car preceding, and that will be allowed only for the emergency vehicles, stated by the Arun Jaitely while explaining the government call to move to an end.

The restriction will continue even if beacon or Lal Batti go, when the protected leaders of the country are on the move, especially PM or President. On the Lal Batti ban PM Narendra Modi tweeted this evening stating that ‘Every Indian is special, every Indian is a VIP.’

Narendra Modi Tweet,

Ending of Lal Batti, PM Narendra Modi was been emphatic at a recent meeting. As it causes a massive public inconvenience to make ways for the VIPs. When Narendra Modi’s convey was moved in a normal traffic, he demonstrated his disapproval last week, as without any restriction or stopping of cars. He went to Delhi Airport to receive Sheikh Hasina Bangladesh Prime Minister. The traffic restrictions was not in place throughout the route. Policemen generally blocks the road or put barricades to the route where the dignitaries are to take, and make people wait for the roads to open.

One of the video was viral online and had an angry reaction, the video was of an Ambulance carrying a wounded child and Ambulance was being blocked by the Policemen due to the visit of the leader’s convoy in Delhi. This incident took place earlier this month.

The use of Lal Batti should be restricted and the constitutional authorities should only be using the Lal Batti said by the Court Orders in 2013.

The use of Lal Batti will be discussed by PM, as he has called for a meeting last week for discussion.

The two Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath from UP and Amarinder Singh from Punjab have already given up the use of Lal Batti from their official cars.

The beacons or Lal Batti should be allowed only by the constitutional authorities and the use of Beacons or Lal Batti should be restricted said by the Supreme Court in the year 2014. One of the Judges said over the restriction on use of Beacons or Lal Batti, "Red beacons and multi-toned horns are reflective of Raj mentality and are an antithesis of the concept of a republic." Justice GS Singhvi told to NDTV that PM’s decision was "great and highly commendable".

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