It is the pay back time: Mr. Modi’s gifts for the New Year

Mr. Modi  addressed the nation on New Year's eve. Have a look at what he got to say after 50 days of struggle.

The citizens of India when come to the battlefield to fight against the ills of society, then comes the real strength of the nation. His sole thanks is to the common man who has been patient during this period of ordeal.

125 crore citizens of India have suffered a lot and have proved what matters for every Indian is the spirit of truth.  The sweat of common man has made it possible to have a brighter future of India. He added that he has received a number of letters in this period and this shows that he is considered as a family member by the citizens of India. He understands well that it feels bad when one has to struggle to get the money which he/ she own.

Black Marketing has snatched the rights Indian Citizens deserve. He added that several examples showing the strength of India have come up. Without hesitation, he revealed that Government has to come to know that only 24 lakh people accept that their income is more than Rs10 lakhs. This he says is something to upset the Government and is even bad for the Country.

Law will function as law should but the Government makes sure how the honest men should be served in the best manner. The Government is the best friend of the honest man as stated by Mr. Modi. “Who can deny the fact that it is the first responsibility of government officials to make sure that rights of common man should be protected,” said PM Modi. He said that it has been proven that India will not give good future prospects for the black marketers.

He even thanked the bank officials adding that even corrupt officials have come up during this process. He has ensured the country that these corrupt officials will not be spared and will be dealt with care. Independence of Bank should be used to help the poor citizens of India. This will be the best way a bank can serve for the betterment of the country.

Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas is something that will lead India to stand amongst the top countries of the world. This New Year will come up with Government’s steps for betterment of the common man. Two new schemes will be introduced according to which for loans up to 9 lakh - 4% interest relief and for 12 lakh - 3% interest relief will be given. For loans up to 2 lakh, 3% interest relief shall be given.

He said that Government will work its best to improve the condition of the farmers. Rabi Harvest has been high this year. 20,000 crore is in NABARD fund which will help giving loans to the farmers. He said that farmers shall be able to buy and sell any place in the country because 3 crore Kisan Credit Cards will be transformed to RuPay credit cards within 3 months. Even shopkeepers and small business men will get profit out of this.

The government gave huge tax relief to small entrepreneurs a few days ago. He added that their tax will be calculated at 6 per cent and not 8 per cent on digital transactions.

Well, the Government has got gifts for pregnant women too. Pregnant women will get Rs. 6,000 from government for their delivery, for nutritious meals, vaccination. This money shall be transferred straight to their bank accounts.

The light of New Year will come up with unity of common man and the government officials. He said that the government has launched BHIM. He encouraged usage of this so as to make India work under cashless economy.

He said that India showed its strength in 1917 under the leadership of Mahatama Gandhi and today after 100 years, India still has the same strength which is a good sign for the county.

With this he called for New Year that bestows India with a bright future. Mr. Modi on behalf of the Government has done his best. It’s time for the country as a whole to unite and fight against ills of society.



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