PM acknowledging pains of the farmers: Rahul Gandhi’s reporting of the meeting

Rahul Gandhi (Congress) and the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi met on Friday on account of discussion regarding the issues faced by farmers of India. The meeting had to focus on and resolve the issue of loan waiver schemes and Mr. Modi was expected to find a resolution of the same after having discussed it with Mr. Rahul Gandhi and other political leaders.

What Rahul Gandhi has claimed after the meeting is that Mr. Modi did heard the appeal of farmers represented by Mr. Rahul but did not provide any resolution. At the same time, he accused the Prime Minister to merely see things and not do anything when it comes to action.

The issues like loans, suicide and minimum support issue were to be resolved but Mr. Modi has not said anything about loan waiver though accepted the serious issue of farmer’s situation ,Mr. Rahul Gandhi said.

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