Plane Bursts Into Fireball Before Crash-Landing On Road: Caught On Camera

In Washington the drivers were waiting for traffic signal when they spotted something in sky which was unusual. On a car dashcam the footage was captured which showed a small plane descending down before suddenly bursting into flames.

In Mukilteo in Washington State the video was taken when stunned drivers saw the small plane plummeting from the sky and catching fire just seconds later. As per KOMO News, from a nearby air field it was taken off, when is grazed power lines causing it to erupt into a fireball before crashing to the ground.

Miraculously, both the pilot and the passenger survived the crash, with no serious injuries, as reported by Toronto Sun.

Not far from the speedway causing the plane was crashed at a road, a thick cloud of smoke to rise into the sky. To avoid the crash site several cars were seen turning around.

Several cars got damaged due to plane before hitting the ground but no driver was hurt in the accident.

A woman whose car was clipped by the plane's wing told KOMO News, "I'm so lucky. Woman just said, 'Get down!' before I know it, I felt the heat on my face...and like fireball and the wing clipped at end".

As per Local Police, the one-engine plane lost power shortly after take-off and the pilot was trying to land on an empty spot when the plane touched a power line. The impact ruptured its fuel tank and ignited the plane.

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