“Pirates 5” Won Over Priyanka’s Starer Baywatch ,Earns Rs 2100 Crore Worldwide

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean series sailed to the top of the North American box office during the four-day Celeberative Day weekend, raking in nearly $78.5 million (Rs 506 crore) and $326 million worldwide (Rs 2100 crore), industry figures displayed Tuesday.



Dead Men Tell No Tales, the fifth installment in the fiercely famous franchise starring Johnny Depp, sunk another major new studio film -- Baywatch -- which came in third place and only handled to bring in a disappointing $23.1 million in ticket sales, Councelor Relations said.


Another Disney contribution, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, placed second with $27.2 million in its fourth week out.



The buoyant story of a band of freak space adventurers -- played by Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel -- has taken in $340.5 million domestically since it freed on May 5.


Dead Men Tell No Tales also scored colossal internationally, collecting $247.8 in ticket sales, with China the top external market ($92.3 million), Disney said in a statement.



“The $326 million earned by Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales means that The Walt Disney Studios has now crossed $3 billion globally in 2017 to date, with international grosses at $1.903 billion and domestic grosses at $1.102 billion,” it said.



Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant, last week’s box-office leader, released off clearly to fourth place during the Celeberative Day weekend.



The Fox movie, starring Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace and Billy Crudup in the fable of a spaceship landing on a planet that seems idyllic -- until aliens attack -- netted $13.4 million.


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