Phillauri Reviews: The Amazing Chemistry Of Shashi And Phillauri


Phillauri hits the theatre today, which casts Anushka sharma and Diljit Dosanjh as lead pair along with suraj sharma and Meheren Kaur Pirzada. Phillauri is produced by Anushka sharma and her brother karnesh sharma, directed and written by Anshai Lal.

A lot of humans is played by Anushka Sharma. But in Phillauri she is playing a role of a ghost named Shashi, as before independence she is haunting a particular tree. As she is no noob ghost. Till the time suraj (Life of Pie fame) came to marry the tree as he was Manglik, she was happy hanging on the tree. In order to marry her girl, suraj was forced to marry the tree. Which brought a confusing yet scared stage in his life. As he not married the tree but the ghost Shashi.

Shashi has her own issues. She hasn’t figured out why her love story not worked out well even after loving. Her love interest is played by Diljit Dosanjh. The movie is in flashback, time of today and the pre-independence eras. The film’s flashback portions have also been tastefully shot with that sepia-toned quality. The script is slow and the film takes its time to get into the spirit of things.

Shashi love’s poetry and even writes weekly and widely read in pind. Everyone loves her poetry but she does not disclose her identity because according to her village ‘ache ghar ki ladkian in cheezo mein nahi padti’

Phillauri has nifty songs as well, from naughty Billo to Dum Dum and to Sahiba, the songs keep the movie going. The special effects of Phillauri is applauded by all. Anushka’s ghost is a far cry from the white saree-wearing, candle-wielding spirits of Indian cinema. She is feisty and that comes across in how she is depicted too.

Phillauri’s friendly ghost is meant to be watched by the families and not only to the people who strong hearts. Everyone can watch the movie in big theatres.

All over movie is good to watch, the chemistry is amazing as it is their first movie together. Viewers are liking everything about the movie. Phillauri has love, drama, comedy all in one and it has a positive review from the very first show today. The most liking in this movie is its light hearted, average love story.

Do go and watch Philauri near your theatre for innocent yet sweet shashi (Anushka sharma).

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