Petrol Price Cut By Rs 3.77 per Litre And Diesel By Rs2.91 Per Litre From Midnight Tonight

The price of petrol is cut by Rs. 3.77 per litre and that of diesel by Rs. 2.91 a litre, the first change in rates in two-and-a-half months.

State-owned oil firms cut rates with effect from midnight tonight. Petrol currently costs Rs. 71.14 a litre in Delhi and Diesel is priced at Rs. 59.02 per litre.

Petrol price will be cut by Rs. 3.77 per litre, excluding state levies, said Indian Oil Corp (IOC). Actual decrease will be larger after taking into account the local levies.
Similarly, diesel rate was cut by Rs. 2.91, excluding state levies. Petrol will now cost Rs. 66.29 in Delhi while diesel will be sold at Rs. 55.61.

Rates were last revised on January 16 when price of petrol went up by 54 paise. On that date, diesel rates were hiked by Rs. 1.20 a litre.

"The current level of international product prices of petrol and diesel and Rupee-Dollar exchange rate warrant decrease in selling price of petrol and diesel, the impact of which is being passed on to the consumers with this price revision," IOC said in a statement.

IOC said the movement of prices in the international oil market and Rupee-Dollar exchange rate shall continue to be monitored closely and developing trends of the market will be reflected in future price changes.

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