Peeling the layers: Making of Resume

As simple thing as resume can affect the confronting person you have an interview session with. Hence here are some tips and tricks to make your Resume look effective.

  • To the point – The resume need to have factual details about oneself without including any sentimental statements.
  • Vocabulary – Be careful with usage of words. Formal and elegant vocabulary gives a decent look to your resume.
  • Overview- Nobody is interested to read stories containing personal information. So arrange the details in bullet points and tabular forms.
  • Usage of Colours – Make the resume look decent. Loud colours should be avoided. In fact black and white works very effectively.
  • Priority to the profile needed for Industry- You may be a multi- tasking person but remember the industry looks for people whose profile match their need. Hence mention those details first that are required for the profile you are applying for.
  • No Show-Off- Do not try to flaunt your work experience and qualification. The company is interested in the profile that suits their need the best.
  • No Personal World – The personal realm that include you hobbies need not to be mentioned in the resume.
  • Proof-Read- Finally cross check the resume you have drafted and correct the grammatical errors. See if it gives a good overview.

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