Opinion: Make In India Without Having “Right to Freedom of Speech”

By-  Rakhee Sharma:  I am a  IT girl who completed her masters with good marks. I got placed in a good company with good salary… But I wasn’t happy about the work I was supposed to perform. I left my job choose to follow my dream of becoming a journalist. Why Journalism? Because it’s career where you can fearlessly explore your thoughts, ideas and views. It’s a highly competitive yet rewarding field. Journalism is considered as backbone of the media industry. Journalists can become a critique of anything at any time. When I started my journey to become a journalist, I was taught to be passionate about my work. I was told to be fair. I was told not to take sides and never be biased.  I was told to have high ethical standards.

I always had an idea of not being biased toward anything or any situation. I had in my mind that I live in a country which provides us freedom of speech. Wait, what? Right to freedom of speech? What kind of freedom where a senior journalist Gauri Lankesh was killed in seconds to be fair?


Just because she raised voice against Hindu fanatics? Just because she criticized them over something which she dint agree with? She had a different point of view over something. Every mind thinks differently. Isn’t it supposed to be like that? Why a person should think, according to a certain group of people? A journalist was killed over her different way of thinking. Yet it wasn’t over.

People praised this shameless act. I read some of the tweets on twitter “ekkutiyakuttekimautmari”, “ekdeshdrohikamhogaya”.



I mean.. Are we indirectly supporting killings? Is it okay in our country to kill? Life has no value left. People are killed over projection of their thoughts and ideas. If you don’t agree to us, follow us you will be killed for raising your voice.

My simple question is why in our country we are told to be a part of ‘sheep in a herd’?

Wherever we say you follow. It sounds easy to say but it’s like you have to follow. Why we are forced to agree on things we don’t know. We don’t consider right. Things which are not suitable according to our perception. We are heading towards digital India, make in India. But why don’t we step first towards thoughtful India? We talk about girl child and women empowerment? Is this the way we are empowering women? Leave women. Is this the path of development, we are following?

We don’t care about rapes but we do care about cows. We don’t care about farmers dying but we do care about developing agro industries. We don’t care about homeless people but we care about smart cities. We hear about train accidents every second day but we dream about bullet trains.

We live in a country where we have the rights to freedom of speech with eventually no rights to freedom of speech!!








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