Oops! Husband Left This Bollywood Actress For Another Woman

She was a Bollywood actress and model, her best role as in movie Mohabbatein. Where she played a role of a hot and bubbly girl who fall in love with her best friend whom she meet after ages. She is Kim Sharma, there is a tough time going on her personal life. She got married to a Kenya Business man Ali Punjani, from past few month she is been living in Mumbai and have moved out of her Marital home.

According to DNA reports, Ali Punjani has left Kim for another woman in his life. She as of now has no financial security. Ali and Kim got married in the year 2010 after dating for a week. She has to leave everything in Kenya and have come back to Mumbai. A sources told to the publication,

Ali left her as he got attracted to another woman. The irony is that when Ali met her, he was plump and not great-looking but now because he is in love, he has lost weight and looking great. But Kim is left with no money or financial security.

But all is not loss from Kim as she is back to Mumbai, she is doing the best to make her living. Source added,

Right now, she is looking to establish her business in Mumbai to provide for herself financially. She is now a brand strategist and goes by the name Kimi Sharma (her real name). Kimi didn’t just leave their home in Kenya behind, but her job as the CEO of Punjani’s chain of hotels as well

All the best Kim!


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