Health Special: 85% Diabetics See Amputations In Their Lifetime

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Health Special: 85% Diabetics See Amputations In Their Lifetime

Mumbai: Eighty-five per cent of diabetics see amputations in their lifetime due to lack of appropriate treatment, data released during a national conference on diabetics here has revealed. Currently 15 per cent of of India's diabetic population suffers from ulcers in their lifetime, the conference attended by over 50 eminent surgeons here was told. Pioneers in ...continue reading

Google Doodle Celebrates Anasuya Sarabhai’s 132nd Birth Anniversary

New Delhi:Google doodle today celebrates 132nd birth anniversary of the legendary trade union leader Anasuya Sarabhai. Born on November 11, 1885, Anasuya Sarabhai was a pioneer in labour movement in the country. Anasuya Sarabhai belonged to a wealthy family of Ahmedabad-based industrialists. Anasuya Sarabhai's parents passed away when she was a nine. At the age ...continue reading

Health Special: Low Blood Phosphate Levels May Up Heart Attack Risk

Pune: Insufficient levels of phosphate in the blood may pose risk to cardiovascular health, claims a new research, challenging previous findings which suggested that low volumes of the mineral was beneficial to the heart. Phosphate is an important mineral in the body and helps to regulate blood biochemistry, which can impact on the working of the ...continue reading

Facebook Rolls Out Disaster Maps in India

New Delhi: In a bid to help communities recover and rebuild faster in the aftermath of natural disasters in India, Facebook on Thursday introduced new measures, including its 'Disaster Maps' feature in the country. As part of the effort, Facebook will make data from 'Disaster Maps' available to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and the Sustainable Environment and Ecological ...continue reading

Google Doodle Celebrates Birthday Of Kathak Legend Sitara Devi

New Delhi: Search engine Google on Wednesday dedicated its doodle to 'Nritya Samragini' Sitara Devi on her 97th birth anniversary. In the doodle the Kathak legend is seen in a pink costume posing elegantly at the centre of the graphic, with the accompaniments of instruments -- ghungroo, tabla and sitar -- taking the place of the ...continue reading