Objection’s To Arunachal Pradesh China Dismisses India: We Can And We Will

It’s a decision to name six area in Arunachal Pradesh, China said today. It’s a ‘lawful right’ as the Himalayan state constitutes ‘South Tibet’. India has rejected for decades in a dispute of border.

Dalai Lama’s visit to the border state earlier this month, in a protest against it China’s civil affair Ministry released the Sic places name in the region with what Beijing acknowledge their formal names in English, Chinese and Tibetan. Yesterday in response New Delhi stated that "every inch of Arunachal Pradesh" belongs to India. "Venkaiah Naidu Union Minster said that, "Arunachal Pradesh is totally part and parcel of India. China has no business to name any of the districts."

Indian is been warned by China that the exiled Dalai Lama’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh would damage severely the relation between the two countries. Dalai Lama 81 year old is considered to be as China’s dangerous separatist as he wants to free Tibet from China.

Dalai Lama’s trip to Arunachal Pradesh was to promote religious harmony and had no political significance said by India. While asserting that in any case, China has no right to interfere in India's internal affairs.

Chinese Government official said while releasing the new names that, "These names also reflect, and explain from one aspect, that China's territorial claims on Southern Tibet have an obvious historical, cultural and administrative jurisdiction basis."

Dalai Lama was a young monk when he fled to Tibet in 1950. For nearly two weeks Dalai Lama trekked through Himalayas, he entered India though Arunachal Pradesh. In Dharamsala, Dalai Lama was allowed to set up his Government in exile in the hill town.

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