Looking at Art: Guide to read literature

There are people who love reading novels but did you know that novels are not a pile of mere a romantic, horror or suspense story? In fact a novel can tell you all about the age from politics to a small family’s condition. Here are some tips that could help you explore another world hidden within a literature piece:-

  • No one meaning: - Stop focussing on chronological events occurring in the book and just learn that there can be many contrary interpretations of one single line.
  • Connect with the author: - It’s good to know (not cram)the biographical details of the author so that you connect the events in the novel with author’s own life and his intentions of writing the book.
  • The psychological reading: - It is a trick played by the author to make his/her readers struggle to get the emotional insight of the characters in the novel. Take the character as a real body of flesh and blood and you will then be emotionally connected to the sentiments that author want to call for.
  • The setting: - Have a look over the setting of the events because nothing in literature is written for just filling up the pages. Setting may hint at insight of the characters playing.
  • Question the author: - Never get swayed away with what the author displays. Be a smart reader and question the readers on moral, ethical and political grounds.
  • Reading Critics: - This is not a good idea always but to know other perspectives and interpretations, critics can be helpful.
  • Reading author’s interviews: - What better than the author himself voicing his intentions? His intentions might be questionable but knowing it at first hand might be useful.

So explore the world of literature and Happy Reading!!!


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