Not A Joke. Four Ducks Sneak Out Of Home. Get Arrested For ‘Loitering’

Four irreverent ducks in Pennsylvania, US went a little crazy celebrating the Fourth of July holiday. Their wild adventure soon ended in an arrest.

The ducks sneaked out of their home and reached a gas station, less than a mile away. Gas station employees called 911 to inform cops of the mischievous quacks!

Police swiftly responded to catch hold of the unusual troublemakers. When an officer reached the spot, the four of them were taken into custody, booked and even had their foot-prints taken.

Photos of their arrest were posted by the Great Bend Police catapulting the ducks to internet fame.

"Ducks in custody? Officer Sheehan took four ducks in custody after they were loitering at the Pump and Pantry in New Milford. We were able to find the owner to pick them up," wrote the police department.

People on social media were amused with the important arrest in the area.

"I'm glad I don't have to clean up that back seat," said a comment on Facebook.

"Report goes: "Suspects led us on a wild goose chase. Officer Sheehan apprehended the suspects. No one was hurt," said another.

"Did you get them to quack during interrogation?" wrote Anthony Huscha.

"They were just some quack heads. Probably quack dealers. The war on drugs can sometimes get messy," joked Pamela Megathlin. The cops did manage to trace the owners of the feathered criminals. The owner Cindy Osiecki said it was strange to get the call from the police department.

"It's just one Fourth of July no one will ever forget," Cindy Osiecki told wnep.comShe added, "It's not like they wonder far from home, that was the first time that I ever saw they went up to the Pump and Pantry because normally they go to my neighbors".After a few days, the now-internet-famous ducks and the owners paid a visit to the police department.




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