Nomadic Family Ask For Mercy In A Video Over An Attack By Gau Rakshaks

An attack by Gau Rakshaks on a Nomadic family in Jammu and Kashmir’s Reasi District. A video is been out with women are screaming and begging for mercy inside a shed as a large group of men kick the structure and shouting the slogans.

The Nomadic family of five, including 9 year old girl and an elderly man. On Friday night came into an attack, while they were moving with their livestock. The Nomadic family was blocked by a large group of Gau Rakshaks and thrashed them with iron rods. In the video, the policemen are spotted and are outnumbered by the attackers.

The elderly man fall to the ground, bleeding after being attacked by Gau Rakshaks from rod, is seen in the video. Moreover, the women are seen rushing for help and the man is seen screaming helplessly.

Yesterday, 11 people were arrested for the assault. The four member of the Nomadic family who were thrashed by the Gau Rakshaks have been also charged with transporting cattle without permission.

The senior Cop Tahir Bhat said to PTI, "Eleven people have been arrested for thrashing two members of the nomadic family while they were transporting bovines without permission on Thursday evening," the accuser who are between 18 and 50 have no criminal background.

Mr. Tahir Bhat said while justifying the victims, a movement permit issued by the Deputy Commissioner is needed for transporting cattle from one place to another in a vehicle. The family, said the officer, did not take permission from the authorities.

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