No More kitchen Sets, It’s Time We Hand Our Girls Boxing Gloves

We usually teach our daughters to fight, stand for their rights,  not to cry or tolerate the rude or wrong behaviour of anyone. We tell them if someone hit them then hit those people back forcefully. We gift them bikes, boxing gloves or shooting games. NO. Not really. Right! And here the questions arise, why not? Why girls are bounded to makeup, beauty and grace only? Who has decided this?

A kid  really doesn't know what he/she can do when born. We are the ones who make them believe what they can be. So why we don't tell our girls that go and get your dreams, don't be that girl who compromise or sacrifice with her dreams and every beloved thing just to satisfy the ego of others.

332afeda-97c3-4dd2-97d3-ab72cf012b68Your daughter is four years old and you bring the 'cute kitchen set' for her instead of skateboard or bow and shafts or some super hero. It's not just a toy you are giving her, it's a mentality that you gift her with.

Why we don't tell our sons to do dishes, to be calm or more gentle and sensitive as we expect from our daughters. Why it's always ladka hai koi nahi and ladke aise hi hote hain. Tell them ladke aise nahi hote hain. Nirbhaya case is a trauma we are not getting over from even after four years and now it's Bengaluru incident which put a question mark on humanity again and more shameful is that the bystanders watch everything, but didn't come a step ahead to help. This shows the insensitivity and coward self within men in male dominated society.

Now, it is a high time to give that luxury, lessons and support to your daughters, you used to give to your sons. Don't tell girls that one day their prince charming will come and fulfill their all dreams instead tell them to be a superhero of their own life. Support them to achieve their goals and give boxing gloves in their hand once and you will never regret for this. Show your trust on them through your actions and girls! Go make this world a beautiful and safe place for everyone.

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