Nitish Kumar Tells Upset Sharad Yadav, Stop Sulking And Debate

After long five days, Sharad Yadav’s formal dissent on the political upheaval in Bihar, from Nitish Kumar drew a prompt response. From the Chief Minister the message was sharp; in party forum stop sulking and debate. The Janata Dal United is the forum for the national executive, to be held in Patna on August 19, which will also decide whether the party will join the ruling NDA.
Before taking any decision Mr Kumar said that he will always keep in mind that “what is best for the party”. About his decision he has also informed Sharad Yadav to break alliance with Lalu Yadav and from BJP seek support.

For a decade the post of the chief was held by Sharad Yadav, 70, last year has stepped aside, as maked way for Mr Kumar. To make decision the move was seen as providing the Chief Minister with more legroom.
Last Week this huge decision – with Lalu Yadav and the Congres dumping the Grand Alliance and forming a new government wit BJP in partnership - was made without any public bow to the JD(U) veteran.
Among the oppoitions this triggered a huge buzz. Leaders like CPI's D Raja said Sharad Yadav was upset with Mr Kumar's decision. Endorsing the view, Lalu Yadav even invited him to lead the battle against the BJP.
At Parliament House, Sharad Yadav told reporters last morning, "Whatever happened is very unfortunate, the mandate by the people was not for this".

On the alliance with the BJP to angling for a cabinet berth at the Centre, critics of Sharad Yadav had attributed his silence. He is reportedly also eyeing Bihar's Madhepura constituency - where he has won many times in the past - for his son-in-law.




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