3 Good Things Your Bad Boss Teaches You

3 Good Things Your Bad Boss Teaches You

New Delhi: We don’t wish it for anyone, but chances are, you’ll probably have a bad boss at some point in your career. And, while it’s simply easy to chalk the experience up to a liturgy of passage and move on, there are actually some great lessons which you can learn from such lousy boss or manager.

Here are few easy ways to get some thing good out of a bad manager.

1. Never Take Things Personally

This is primarily one of the most important lessons of the workplaces in general. My friend was working on a small team, and her boss was rarely seen in the office.  Since he rarely had a clue of what was going on in the office, the only thing he can only pick apart was his employees. Earlier, she took every criticism to heart. Naturally, she wanted to impress her boss, so she really took every comment personally. Fortunately, after her boss was scolding her out for making a mistake which she didn’t actually make, she realized that the title of manager is not equal to reliability. And, more importantly, that whatever her manager was saying had more to do with his performance than her.
From that point on, she always reminded me that any sort of criticism in the office from your boss or anyone else should never be taken personally. 
Definitely, sometimes criticism may prove constructive but other times it can be pretty destructive. And if you can learn to look at things objectively than personally, than it's easier to keep your emotions intact.

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2. It’s OK to Question

This probably sounds more like a bumper sticker you’d see in a college or school, but it’s also a pivotal lesson you should learn from yours crappy boss.
If someone is in a position of authority that doesn’t mean he or she knows everything. The title “manager” is not equivalent to “all knowing.” Whenever you think your boss might benefit from your knowledge or expertise, don’t hesitate to offer your thoughts on how we can approach a situation differently. Just because you’re a few position below your boss on the corporate ladder, that doesn’t imply you don’t have valuable insight to contribute.

3. Always Ask For What You Want

While it would be nice if all our bosses could naturally recognized our talents and reward us accordingly. Sometimes your bosses and especially the crappy ones need it spelled out from their employees. If you think you’re doing a great job and deserve a raise, a promotion, or any sort of recognition, you need to be prepared to ask it from your boss. You should be aware of your worth and also make sure your boss knows about it,and trust us you’ll find your career more accomplishing.

Unfortunately bad bosses are everywhere. But, if you can examine your terrible boss from distinct perspective, you can learn something valuable from them.

Always keep these three lessons in mind while facing a crappy boss, and you’re guaranteed to make some good out of those cranky situations.

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