Tejashwi Yadav's Reply To The "7-Star" Bungalow Criticism

Tejashwi Yadav

New Delhi: Tejashwi Yadav has finally responded to the Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi's critical comments over his plush bungalow. Mr Yadav, instead of being apologetic vacated the bungalow following an order from the Supreme Court, went on an offensive and justified the entire expenditure.

Mr Yadav said, "At least unlike your ministers, I didn't touch a single thing (when leaving the house). Remember when Nitish ji sacked you, all BJP ministers in 2013, how your colleagues took away even the smallest of things."

The leader of Rashtriya Janata Dal, Mr Yadav was criticsed for his fancy bungalow after Mr Modi, its new occupant, called it a "7-star" accommodation complete with Italian tiles, wooden flooring, leather sofas, a pool table and expensive fittings. But Bihar Deputy Chief Minister had admitted that not a single item was taken away and everything was ready-to-move-in.

The son of RJD Chief, Lalu Prasad Yadav had reminded Sushil Modi of the statements that he used to give as opposition leader against Chief Minister Nitish Kumar about his bungalow. He said, "You even wrote letters to him about expenses over his bungalow."

"If I do politics for the poor then does it mean that I can't live the life in a well-furnished bungalow? Is it the right of only your father and grandfather to live as comfortably? In my house, we held chaupal (meetings) for the poor and doors were open for all people, all the time," Mr Yadav said.

"There's a gap of 40 years between you and me so there will be difference of taste, style and way of living. I'm the new generation, of a new thought process that will take Bihar forward. But your thought process is steeped in complexity and tradition," he said.