New Year Celebration : Know what the Weather has to say

We are standing amongst the last days of the year which are exceptionally cold days. With these last days comes the excitement to celebrate New Year. Can this weather act as hindrance in you New Year plans?

There can be moderate to dense fog in Delhi- NCR, Punjab, Jharkhand and parts of Haryana. Minimum Temperatures are also expected to increase by 1-2 degrees. Dry and clear weather conditions are expected to paint the Central India and minimum temperatures are expected to increase slightly.

South Tamil Nadu will continue to have light rain and rest parts of South India will remain dry.

The minimum temperature was recorded at 10 degrees Celsius in Delhi which is normal for this time of the year. On the other hand, maximum temperature was recorded at 19 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature is expected to increase negligibly in the upcoming days. The weather has caused delays in a large number of trains. This news can be bad for those who are planning a journey via train.

Fun is necessary and so is safety. Stay safe and take a look at the weather conditions before planning to celebrate the New Year.

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